I recompiled Facebook Messenger with a good Unicode typeface

The new Chatheads feature of Facebook Messenger (Android) is cool but the engineers at Facebook are cold enough to use Helvetica Neue — being a typeface that does not support Unicode characters (like Tiếng Việt). So I recompiled the app using Google’s own Roboto for good.

Download and enjoy: Facebook Messenger with Unicode support.

DuckDuckGo is a great way to search the Internet, esp. for you developers

Inspired by this article, I try a couple search queries with DuckDuckGo and it’s love at first sight. I added the Search Add-on to Firefox and even twist Firefox’s about:config a bit to enable DuckDuckGo searching on-the-fly just wih my Adress bar.

Add to Firefox [X]

1. Click this link to open the Firefox add-ons site (in a new tab).

2. Click the Add to Firefox green button on the page that comes up.

3. To add to the address bar, type about:config into the address bar.

4. Then search for keyword.url and change it to https://duckduckgo.com/?q=

Why do I love DuckDuckGo? Because it’s so much fun to use and so incovenient to do a specially targeted query. It’s “bang” support make me feel good — the kind of feeling you get as programmer using some good programmed tool searching for some programming stuff.

Have a look and see.

If your Firefox cannot save cookies

For the last several days I got stuck in an annoying situation that I have to re-enter my account info (username and password) for every single website I use (about 10 I guess). For some reasons it seems that my newly-upgraded Firefox 3.5 Preview would not save any cookies at all.

So I did a little research the reason turned out to be some corrupted file called cookies.sqlite. All you have to do is to seek and destroy it. That’s all! (And by saying “destroy” I didn’t mean that you have to actually chop its head down or something, just delete it — even to the recycle bin is OK.) The file can often be found at your %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ and in a folder named whatever.default.

Hope this is helpful if you have the same bug with Firefox.

The Breathtaking Google Wave

I just can’t breathe during one and a half hour watching this coverage of Google Wave keynote address.

Crowd reaction to Google Wave
Image by niallkennedy via Flickr.

After watching Microsoft’s Glimpse into the future and this video, I pretty much believe that most of the triumphs in human’s history come not from these political systems or those (inter)national leaders — but from all the people with great mind of knowledge and keen sense of innovation.

It’s the technology from those people that changes the world.

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Songbird is super cool!

Yes it is. Get it here to have this cool thing like that in my screenshots.