Android 4.2 Webview Component cannot render CSS custom fonts

Lately I used custom fonts in my website using CSS’s @font-face method. The custom fonts render OK on Android’s Chrome browser but not the Stock browser nor Webview Control. It turns out that my CSS includes this code, which prevents the Webview Control to render custom fonts:

text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;

Just delete that line of CSS code gets custom fonts rendering OK on Webview.

BTW, Webview seems to works with .ttf, not .woff font files.


If your Firefox cannot save cookies

For the last several days I got stuck in an annoying situation that I have to re-enter my account info (username and password) for every single website I use (about 10 I guess). For some reasons it seems that my newly-upgraded Firefox 3.5 Preview would not save any cookies at all.

So I did a little research the reason turned out to be some corrupted file called cookies.sqlite. All you have to do is to seek and destroy it. That’s all! (And by saying “destroy” I didn’t mean that you have to actually chop its head down or something, just delete it — even to the recycle bin is OK.) The file can often be found at your %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ and in a folder named whatever.default.

Hope this is helpful if you have the same bug with Firefox.