I recompiled Facebook Messenger with a good Unicode typeface

The new Chatheads feature of Facebook Messenger (Android) is cool but the engineers at Facebook are cold enough to use Helvetica Neue — being a typeface that does not support Unicode characters (like Tiếng Việt). So I recompiled the app using Google’s own Roboto for good.

Download and enjoy: Facebook Messenger with Unicode support.


Share posts from Google+ to Twitter and then Facebook

This is what I did to share my posts on Google+ to Twitter and then Twitter to Facebook:

Google+ to Twitter:

  1. Go to http://manageflitter.com/plus and connect with your Twitter account, choose Basic Plan (free one)
  2. Go to http://manageflitter.com/plus again and enter your Google+ URL
  3. Start sharing posts from Google+ toPublic, they will appear on your Twitter feeds.

Twitter to Facebook: follow this guide.


Google Stupid Form

If you ever created a Google Form Document and lost its link — there seems to be no easy way to let people to fill in your form again. Going to Google Docs wouldn’t help because all you’d see is a spreadsheet showing what your form has collected.

Nevertheless, now I know I can get that link back. It took me half an hour to figure things out. So this is it:

The Breathtaking Google Wave

I just can’t breathe during one and a half hour watching this coverage of Google Wave keynote address.

Crowd reaction to Google Wave
Image by niallkennedy via Flickr.

After watching Microsoft’s Glimpse into the future and this video, I pretty much believe that most of the triumphs in human’s history come not from these political systems or those (inter)national leaders — but from all the people with great mind of knowledge and keen sense of innovation.

It’s the technology from those people that changes the world.

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