The Breathtaking Google Wave

I just can’t breathe during one and a half hour watching this coverage of Google Wave keynote address.

Crowd reaction to Google Wave
Image by niallkennedy via Flickr.

After watching Microsoft’s Glimpse into the future and this video, I pretty much believe that most of the triumphs in human’s history come not from these political systems or those (inter)national leaders — but from all the people with great mind of knowledge and keen sense of innovation.

It’s the technology from those people that changes the world.

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Câu chuyện đằng sau thanh Ruy-băng của Office ’07

Về mặt thiết kế mà nói thì xem presentation của Jensen Harris về động cơ phía sau thay đổi lớn này (thanh Ruy-băng) của bộ Office rất thú vị. Tôi sẽ cập nhật sau. Bận quá!